Marquee Price List

  • 3M TRADITIONAL MARQUEE RANGE keyboard_arrow_right

    Our 3m Range or Traditional Marquees are ideal for walkways and small garden parties
    3x3m £ 100.00 +VAT
    3×4.5m £ 175.00 +VAT
    3x6m £ 250.00 +VAT

  • 6M TRADITIONAL MARQUEE RANGE keyboard_arrow_right

    Our 6m Range of Traditional Marquees and designed for catering spaces, back bar spaces, entrances and garden parties.
    6x6m £ 350.00 +VAT
    6x9m £ 500.00 +VAT
    6x12m £ 250.00 +VAT

  • 9M TRADITIONAL MARQUEE RANGE keyboard_arrow_right

    The 9m Range of Traditional Marquees are the most versatile range we have and are deisgned for any occasion.
    9x9m £ 850.00 +VAT
    9×13.5m £ 1,200.00 +VAT
    9x18m £ 1,600.00 +VAT

  • 12M TRADITIONAL MARQUEE RANGE keyboard_arrow_right

    The 12m Range of Traditional Marquees provide large spaces ideal for events with a large guest list.
    12x12m £  1,500.00 +VAT
    12x18m £ 2,000.00  +VAT
    12x24m £ 2,500.00 +VAT

  • ADDITIONAL ITEMS keyboard_arrow_right

    Coir Matting 20% of marquee price +VAT
    Hard under flooring 40% of marquee price +VAT
    Dance Floor 3x3m £ £210.00 +VAT
    Dance Floor 4x4m £280.00 +VAT
    Dance Floor 5x5m £350.00 +VAT
    Standard Trestle Tables 6-8person £8.00 +VAT
    Vinatge style Wooden Topped trestle 6-8person £10.00 +VAT
    Round Tables 8-10 person £10.00 +VAT
    Vintage Round trestle 8-10person £14.00 +VAT
    Black Folding chairs £1.00 +VAT
    with Seat cushion & cover £2.00 +VAT
    Wooden Folding Chairs £2.50 +VAT
    Chivari Chairs £3.00 +VAT
    Bean Bags (3 pers) £30.00 +VAT
    Straw Bales (2 Pers) £5.00 +VAT
    Wrapped Bale (2 pers) £8.00 +VAT
    Bunting 5% of marquee price +VAT
    King Pole Garland 5% of marquee price +VAT
    Rope Garland 5% of marquee price +VAT
    Dolly Garlarnd 5% of marquee price +VAT
    Inernal Hanging Point on pully 5KG £20.00  +VAT
    Internal Hanging point on Pully 7.5KG £30.00 +VAT
    per 3m section £20.00 +VAT
    Black out marquee seperations per 3m £50.00 +VAT
    Fairy Lights 10% of marquee price +VAT
    Uplighters 15% of marquee price +VAT
    MBI Flood light £50.00 +VAT
    Paper Lanterns £5.00 +VAT
    Electric 6 candle chandalier £30.00 +VAT
    Dome table Light £5.00 +VAT
    Electric Tea Light £0.50 +VAT
    Party Lighting £250.00 +VAT
    Plug in and play sound system with microphone £250.00 +VAT
    Oak Effect Bar 2m £160.00 +VAT
    Bamboo Bar 2m £160.00 +VAT
    Alluminated Alluminium Bar 1.5m £210.00 +VAT
    Coconut shy £30.00 +VAT
    Welly Wangging £50.00 +VAT
    Bean Bag toss £30.00 +VAT
    Space Hoppers £10.00 +VAT