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With 10 years of festival experience among us and our team, we know the importance of working with the organisers to deliver our product and services on the right day at the right time. Our traditional marquees are delivered to a high standard with the safety or your ticket holders at the forefront of our minds. Our marquees withstand high winds, heavy rain and are completely sealable. This will allow your site crew to help concentrate on what matters, in time for your gates opening.
If you are a festival orgasniser and would like for us to deliver our reliable range of clean, Canvas traditional Marquees, then you can simply start adding the marquees you desire, into the event cart and submit a quote request. One of our team will follow up your enquiry shortly.

We often find ourselves in and amongst the production teams with each festival we work at. The more you get to know our team, the more you realise how much skill and experience we have. At the majority of festivals we supply our marquees to, we also install lighting to help relieve the pressure on your important production teams.

Swagging, draping and much more. we can attach all kinds of decor to our marquees.

Pose the questions and we will inspire you with our ‘can do’ attitude.

We love working with festivals, if you need any help we're ready to bring our expertise

We're always happy to answer any queries about our services or help you with anything specific to your event.

For Traders

We know how important it is for festival traders to attract their customers and to keep their stock dry and safe. Our Traditional ridge canvas Tents both hold the ability to keep you away from the natural elements whilst allowing you to offer a freely flowing traders shop front. Our ridge tents have been used at multiple festivals and have been designed to match the standard size trading slots. they are fully closable and our glamping pods can be added to the rear of the tent so you can sleep in luxury beside your precious stock. We can also offer our standard traditional pole marquees which also provide an excellent space.

Adding a sleeping tent to your shop is seamless with our modular system. Sleep connected to your shop so that you are nice and close to your stock. Includes matting, bed, linen, lighting and table/storage box. Space for extra stock and accounts during the festival.

Have any questions?

We're always happy to answer any queries about our services or help you with anything specific to your event.

3m(w) x 4m(d) Trade space

SMALL BUSINESS – for plots that traders have ordered from festivals which are 3-3.5m wide.
Add a sleeping tent (sleeps 2)

4.5(w) x 4m(d) Trade space

MEDIUM SHOP – For plots that traders have ordered from festivals that are 4.5-5m wide
Add a sleeping tent (sleeps 4)

6(w) x4m(d) Trade space

LARGE SHOP – For plots that traders have ordered from festivals that are 6-6.5m wide
add sleeping tent at rear (sleeps 6)


Our traditional marquees are literally the perfect blank canvas for your individual wedding style or theme.

Honeycomb Hotel

We have designed and manufactured a NEW Breed of glamping tents inspired by the Traditional Roman soldier’s Ridge tent, which dates back to the 1st century.

Timber Frame

Working with Wiltshire’s finest traditional timber framers, we have developed a breed of incredibly unique timber frame marquees, all of which connect using our modernised modular system.