Honeycomb Hotel

Our modular tent system allows you to create a unique and bespoke layout for your glamping experience

Glamping in Traditional Roman Ridge Tents

Create your special 'Hive' around the main marquee helping you connect away from all of life's distractions.

The smart, practical and stylish answer to glamping

We have designed and manufactured a NEW breed of glamping tent inspired by the traditional Roman soldier ridge tent, which dates back to the 1st century. Using our modern polycotton canvas and trademarked modular system, we can connect our glamping ridge tents to our main marquees. This allows the event organiser to have a completely bespoke layout in the comfort of total internal space.

Most festival organisers use our unique glamping system to allow ticket holders to hire a room or multiple connected rooms in their camp sites. Unlike Bell tents, yurts and similar products being offered in the glamping industry, our modular system provides a dry internal space between areas of the event, hence the name 'Honeycomb Hotel'.
Create a 'Hive' by connecting the Glamping rooms to one of our 3m Range or 6m Range marquees. Or for the ultimate hotel experience, we recommend connecting your rooms to our 12m Timber Frame Roundhouse creating a space for you to connect, play games or sit round the fire.

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All of the rooms come fully kitted with Bedding, complete with mattress topper, sheets, pillows and duvets, as well as Battery fairy lights, Mirrors, Tables/Storage boxes, Chairs and Internal matting. giving you the luxury of a hotel in the surroundings of the outdoors. 

6x4m Hex
This option is ideal for a small family or a small group of guests wanting to share. – 3/4 single beds or 2 double bed or a mixture.
4.5x4m Quad
This option is ideal for a small family or a small group of guests wanting to share.
3x4m Double
This option is ideal for couples & individuals – 2 single beds or 1 double bed.

Make a hive by adding more rooms

Depending on the size of your group that want to sleep in a connected ‘Hive’ we can allocate and recommend a tent during the design phase. This is how you can create your own pop up hotel experience. These ‘Hives’ could even connect you to the main marquee, or your shower area, toilets, entrance area etc.

3m Range

Our 3m range of marquees are ideal for corridors or for small 'Hives' with 3 double tents connected.

6m Range

The 6m range is used mainly for the larger 'Hives' and can have a quad, a hex and 2 doubles connected to them. These are perfect for families wanting to share the Honeycomb Hotel experience.

12m Roundhouse

The Roundhouse 'Outer Ring' creates the ultimate 'Hive' sleeping up to 11 double tents. This provides a chill out Bar/BBQ area in the middle where people can sit around a campfire, or create their own chill out zone.


Our Tents have been designed and manufactured for festival use. They are versatile, safe, affordable and to go along with that, we have the right team to deliver them.


Our traditional marquees are literally the perfect blank canvas for your individual wedding style or theme.

Timber Frame

Working with Wiltshire’s finest traditional timber framers, we have developed a breed of incredibly unique timber frame marquees.