Marquee Logistics

We understand that every event is different, which is why we want to be as flexible as possible. Here we have outlined four main logistical factors for you to consider. Have a good read to make sure you get the most out of your tailored booking!

Our unique traditional marquees have been designed to allow you to create whatever shape and size you desire for your one of a kind event. Each marquee you add to your basket is modular and can be attached to any of our other sized marquees as an open connection/room. Each connection is an additional £50 with built-in guttering and secured walls.
Also with our beautiful skylight canopies, you can easily add the additional space you need for a bar, dance floor, catering section, hot tub area… and the list goes on!

Our ‘Pitch In’ scheme is something that we have created to allow you to get an instant discount on your marquee price. You will receive 20% off of your marquee price when you supply the following ‘Man Power’. We are not scared of showing you the simple and safe method that these beautiful marquees require to erect. By offering this we believe we can promote the future of this ever decreasing breed of marquee and inspire you into future use! Please see terms.

Our philosophy to go the extra mile for you holds no limits. Our traditional marquees are of course designed and suited best on firm ground (grass or gravel) but in the case of a venue unable to cater for this requirement, Honeycomb Marquees can deliver!
We have erected our marquees on Playgrounds (tarmac), Car Parks (block pathing), Farm Yards (concrete), Beaches (sand) and Patio Courtyards with surrounding brick walls and much much more.
There are 3 categories factored into our technical installation product which can be described as follows:

Soft standing

The ground is too soft to hold marquee steaks or drilling eye bolts into it will not hold. If there is no access to a tap in this case then we need to use extra long screw anchors.
An additional Charge of Approximately 20% of marquee price is added when you choose this option.
A site visit is NOT required.

Hard standing

(Venue will allow us to drill into the ground)
This Option requires our team to drill into the concrete, tarmac or surrounding walls with eye bolts of which we then use to anchor our ropes with.
An additional charge of approximately 15% of marquee price is added when you choose this option.
A site visit is required for this option.

Hard standing

(venue will not allow us to drill into the ground)
This requires us to bring Dead weights which allow us to rig our ropes off with. The dead weights are extremely heavy and has an additional charge of approximately 25% of marquee price.
A site visit is required for this option and access to a water supply tap within 20m of the marquee site.

Hard Standing (unable to drill)25% of marquee price
Hard Standing (ok to drill)15% of marquee price
We believe that offering an honest, transparent service is key so we have created a ‘Zone System’ which allows you to calculate and foresee the delivery charge in advance. The miles are simply calculated through entering your postcode and applying the shortest possible directions given by Google Maps from our storage unit (SN148RJ). The miles given will determine the ‘zone’ your event venue falls under!
ZONE A 0-10 Miles FREE
ZONE B 11-25 Miles £150.00
ZONE C 26-50 Miles £250.00
ZONE D 51-75 Miles £350.00
ZONE E 76 + Miles Will be calculated individually based on No. of vehilces, time and miles.