3 x 4 Ridge Tent

Our ridge tent range are actually the shells to the Glamping tents and are used for festival traders, entrances to main marquees, walkways and other covering to which our customers desire. the great aspect to these tetns are the overall use of space inside. there are no king poles so you do not need to plan your internal set up around a pole.


Pitch In

Our ‘Pitch In’ Scheme is something we have created to allow you to get an instant Discount on your marquee price. You will receive 20% off the overall marquee price when you supply the following ‘Man Power’. Read More…

Our Modular System

Our unique traditional marquees have been designed to allow you to create whatever shape and size you desire for your one of a kind event. Read More…


We Believe that offering an honest, transparent service is key so we have created a Zone system which allows you to calculate and foresee your delivery charge in advance. Read More…

Technical Installations

We have erected our marquees on Playgrounds (tarmac), car parks (block pathing), Farm Yards (concrete), Beaches (sand), patio courtyards with surrounding brick walls and much much more. Read More…

  • 6 x 7.5 Stretch Tent


    This is the equivalent size to our 6x6m traditional. This stretch tent can fit into most gardens and is ideal for a small garden function. there are no sides on our stretch tents so if the weather is looking a little windy and wet we will install the tent so that the wall comes to the ground. this may reduce the space inside the tent.

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  • 12 x 22 Stretch Tent


    This tent is EPIC. It is larger than most stretch tents and is able to cover huge areas. We have straddled this tent over swimming pools, included Buildings and courtyards into this space. Please note that our stretch tents don’t have detachable sides.

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  • 10 x 15 Stretch Tent


    An alternative style of tent that has become very popular over the past 5 years. The stretch tent provides a very open and versatile space for event organisers. With its simple design, we are able to cover areas that most other marquees cannot. We can lift the roof to any height and bring the roof even down to the ground. Commonly used for central covering, covering bar areas and chillout areas, small festival stages and acoustic sets. Please note that our stretch tents don’t have detachable walls.

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