Wedding Marquee Hire

Our traditional marquees are literally the perfect blank canvas for your individual wedding style or theme. By using our beautiful hand made bunting, fairy lights and flower garlands, create a stunning festival style wedding without any hassle.

Here are marquees we would recommend for Wedding Events

  • 12 x 12 Traditional Marquee

    Standing: 190

    Seated: 120

    Floor Area: 144m2

    Height: 7.5m


    The 12x12m has only 1 king pole just like the 3x3m, 6x6m & 9x9m. This works incredibly well for some venues that would benefit from a square set-up. This marquee can be used for bar areas, 100-120 guest weddings, kids play tents and much more. Also serves as a great communal glamping area, where the glamping tents we provide can connect to the perimeter.

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  • 12 x 24 Traditional Marquee

    Standing: 400

    Seated: 270

    Floor Area: 288m2

    Height: 7.5m


    Other than our 12x22m stretch tent this size marquees is the only marquee we have of this size. You can have a seated guest size of between 200-270 depending on what extra areas you wish to have. This marquee is easily extended to 12x30m with our extra centre roof. We often attach our tradmarq canopies to our 12m range to make the event bigger than what it is already. Our canopy roofs can come in clear sections and canvas sections. See our canopy page to really appreciate how you can change your space.

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  • 12 x 18 Traditional Marquee

    Standing: 300

    Seated: 200

    Floor Area: 216m2

    Height: 7.5m


    This stands as our most popular wedding marquee which will meet the requirements of a guest list of 150 people and will leave enough room for a dance floor, DJ area and bar.

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